I offer full Design services ranging from creation of logos to printed publications of all sorts, to facebook pages for business, to company web sites, to restoration of heirloom photos and even creating hard cover photo books.

If it is something you want to audience to see and find appealing, I can help you with your project!

And throughout the creative process I always keep one critical point in mind.  It is all about you, the customer:  what you really want to say to your audience, and create the desired impact in the most effective and appealing way possible.


4 types of services

  1. Business identity:

It may be surprising, but the design process doesn’t start with producing anything visual at all.  Instead, we start by helping you define your target market and the primary value proposition you offer to them.

Once your target audience and message are clear, we move onto the design of a business logo that communicates in one powerful image the core concept of what your business is really all about. I will make sure that it is unique, eye-catching and easy to identify.

A successful logo becomes the foundation of your company’s style and branding throughout all of your printed materials such as business cards, letters and flyers. Your logo images even form the foundation of your online web presence.

For more information about our printed and online creations, read on.

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2. Graphic design:

The paperless society that was predicted for us decades ago certainly hasn’t arrived, has it?  The computer age hasn’t gotten rid of paper—instead, it has made it easier to produce beautiful, varied, eye-catching publications.  I can help you produce your company (or personally) branded version of all of the following printed formats:

Unique Business cards . Postcards  . Stickers . Posters . Greeting cards . Invitation cards . Shirt prints . Books . Programs . Brochures . Booklets . Flyers . Banners . Letterheads .  And more…

A photo by Jeff Sheldon.



3. Company websites:

Every small business today needs an attractive, professional looking website to showcase its products and services for new customers. Adding a blog to the site is an easy way to keep your website current and show that you are keeping up with the newest trends and fashions.

A quick and inexpensive way to create a company website is with WordPress.  Once you decide on this versatile platform you will be amazed at how quickly and easily I can help you get your ideas and creativity onto the web. We will work together to define what services you offer, who you are, and what kind of visual advertising you need to your business and its best light!

The result is an essential statement that your company is a legitimate player in today’s dynamic marketplace. A blogspace can be added to your website that allows you to maintain a conversation with your customers that will keep your website fresh and dynamic.

And finally, I can offer as much instruction and support as you need to become comfortable updating your website as easily as writing an email.





4. Photo editing & restoration:

Life is full of memories and of course pictures. I recently found a huge box of old pictures from my grandmother’s childhood and the diaries she wrote. They were a real treasure-trove of family history.

But unfortunately, a lot of them were turned yellow, and some were damaged… Fortunately, with Photoshop it is easy to make magic with pictures you might have thought were ruined forever.

By brightening, adjusting contrast and even adding color, your old black and white pictures can be transformed into a book with notes from old diaries. The family history buried in the attic can be transformed into something special that will bring the past to light for generations to come.

Just bring your photos and journals for me to look at and I can quickly give an estimate for completing your family project.

I also provide photo editing of digital files. For example, if you have taken picture you love but it is marred by some defect or poor, the chances are good that with some quick photo touch-up we can unveil the full potential of your picture!