Coinstocks, LLC has created a US-based cryptocurrency platform that will allow for any level of investor, trader, or cryptocurrency enthusiast to try their hand at increasing their cryptocurrency portfolios. Our platform has an easy to use interface, is designed to be highly scalable, is built upon trusted technology, is secure, offers dynamic pairing of cryptocurrency transactions, carries low transaction fees, specializes in alternative coin transfers, and has a voting platform which will allow its user base to directly influence which cryptocurrencies become available for trading. Additionally, Coinstocks is highly transparent to its user base and has 24/7 support as one of the top priorities for handling issues, should they arise (an area that has been lacking with many of the larger exchanges).


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This is a 49 pages white paper on Coinstocks that I designed entirely:

COINSTOCKS white paper PDF2


Coinstocks youtube video where you can see all the pages I designed:


Abel Lockets Website


Abel Lockets is a new website designed from scratch. I personally took the product pictures for most of them.

The challenge of this website resides in the product pages. My client had a lot of different products which are all customizable from the metal, shape to the felt color.

The purpose of this website was to show first the beautiful products she is selling and to keep the design for a long time. So I kelp simple lines, quite minimalist with a lot of white to contrast with the lockets.

Each link, menu, pages has been thinking to make it easier for the shoppers.

Hope you will enjoy it as I do! Abel Lockets website link

Emilie Verbinnen



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Genevieve Dance Website

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Genevieve Dance Website has been recently designed from scratch given a new look and new identity. I wanted to give a modern look to this new website but also tried to keep the Moroccan style through some fonts like the logo which has been redesigned as well.

This website has now a slide show on his homepage with an introduction to my client, a Bio page and a nice gallery page where you can zoom on each beautiful pictures.

The Performances page was a lot of work with his own home page giving an overview of every shows that my client has done. Each front picture gives access to his own show album with a pictures gallery.

I also added a special page to show her dance videos through youtube.

My client wanted to give access to the collaborators who worked with her with a link to their own business. So I made a page with their business picture which you click on it to access directly to their website or facebook page.

I loved to work on this project full of challenges and I am happy that this website is easily surfable to everybody who wants to work with my client or know more about her.

Genevieve Dance website link

Emilie Verbinnen

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